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Stop wasting moneyCleaning up litter costs state and local governments millions of dollars each year. Litter mars landscapes, causes traffic hazards and harms wildlife and waterways. 70% of roadside litter comes from unsecured loads, so tarp or cover light loads in trucks of all sizes. Other sources of litter include household refuse, commercial refuse, construction/demolition sites, loading docks, motorists, and pedestrians.

Littering is a criminal offense and violators can be fined up to a $1000. KBB makes it easy for residents to report these violators by calling the KBB LITTER HOTLINE at 912.764.2233.

One of Keep Bulloch Beautiful’s primary focus areas is to reduce and prevent litter in Bulloch County through assessment, education, cleanups, and enforcement. Each year, KBB conducts a Litter Index to assess the state of litter in our community. This assessment helps shape the focus of the program for the upcoming year. In addition, KBB conducts ongoing public education and school education efforts on litter prevention throughout the community. KBB also works with local law enforcement agencies to enforce local and state litter laws.

Volunteer litter cleanups on rural roads, highways, river banks, and neighborhood are conducted regularly to help reduce the amount of litter in the community. To participate in a volunteer litter cleanup, contact the Keep Bulloch Beautiful office.

Litter. It costs you.KBB is also a part of the Clean Community Challenge – a state program aimed at assisting communities with litter prevention using community involvement and education tools. Visit for more information.

Litter-Free Events are another way KBB educates and promotes a litter-free environment at special events. Contact the KBB office for information about making your next event a Litter-Free Event.

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